What’s it like to be a genius?

Maybe you’re not like Lucy, who could access 100 percent of her brain and nearly changed the time space continuum, but you feel different, like you don’t fit in. Maybe others call you crazy and you’re ostracized or ridiculed because you cannot stop talking about your big, out of the box ideas. Some see you as arrogant and stubborn and you suffer from bouts of depression and anxiety because you cannot get rid of these amazing ideas floating around in your head. If this sounds like you then congratulations you’re in great company…the likes of Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, Abraham Lincoln, Steve Jobs, Jules Vern, Nikolai Tesla, and Henry Ford…and you have my sympathy. I say that because with being a genius comes all these burdens, including many setbacks and failures. So now what?

First, you have to recognize the source of all of these burdens: your mind and brain waves are different from others. You’re naturally tapping into the field of energy, what I call invisible or spiritual information, receiving ideas and information from beyond time and space. Lucy does this, and to some extent, that is just fiction, but after working with thousands of clients, I see this in about 2 percent of the population. These highly respected professionals have visions, hear voices, or have lucid dreams. When they followed these inspirations it saved lives, cured illnesses, prevented crimes, or gave birth to inventions. This is a gift, but it can feel like a curse. The moment you recognize the gift, the curse will become a blessing.

Next, you might wonder why you get so depressed. This happens because there’s something inside you that is trying to come out. It is your unique essence and it may show up in the form of cartoons like Disney, inventions like Jobs or Edison, or communicating like Verne or Lincoln. In many respects, you are a warrior, maverick, or pioneer. The depression will go away when you stop blocking the inspirations, stop doubting yourself, stop being self-centered or critical, and just start using your gift to be of service to others. That’s what Lucy eventually did. In short, stop thinking about it and go with the flow. Have faith, surrender and be a force for good!

Now, why do others pick on you? Because you don’t fit in the box, in fact you don’t even see the box. Which means you are threatening someone else’s box. This is why people call you crazy. They cannot see or understand what you’re talking about! Don’t get angry, arrogant, or cynical. This leads to self destruction. Remember Telsa ended up penniless and alone. Recognize when someone calls you crazy means others can’t even conceive of your wild ideas, which is awesome because it could just mean your onto something big! Alternatively, maybe you are a bit crazy, but let’s stick with you’re a genius.

Finally, having accepted these insights as some form of invisible force, energy, that’s flying through your brain and running up and down your spine like lightning, it is critical to learn how to manage this energy. The best thing you can do is create, which really means you are co-creating in a cosmic dance between you and the divine Creator. Another important practice is to get into a daily routine of physical exercise, and I mean sweat! The third thing you can do is have a regular daily practice that channels and releases this energy, including yoga, grounding, prayer, and meditation.

In closing, if you are walking the path of a genius, and not co-creating, exercising, and releasing the energy, you may quickly fall into the trap of addictive behaviors such as sex, drugs, or rock n roll.

Learn more about how the mind works, or if you’re passionate on this subject, here are few more videos you might want to check out.

Six Year Old Genius Arden Hayes on Jimmy Kimmel – this will bring a small and a chuckle!

Albert Einstein Pure Genius Documentary

Growing Pains of a Teenage Genius

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