What motivates and inspires?

There is something inside you that is a source of inspiration and motivation and you must fight for it. That’s what Will Smith says in the video, and I agree! Whatever it is, there is an army of naysayers that will try to stop you. The naysayers tell you it can’t be done, your idea is crazy, and they diminish our confidence and self-esteem, but you must keep going! This is part of the way—the journey of heroes, inventors, and legendary entrepreneurs—and this test is a universal law of life, it is your first hurdle. The hurdles exist to toughen us up; they help us fulfill our highest and greatest purpose by teaching us critical lessons.

The first hurdle you must jump in life is overcoming all these naysayers— the people who tell us our dreams are silly, we’re not smart enough, rich enough, or strong enough. You’ve got to get fired up and believe in yourself and whatever you do, do not go down the path of self pity. Watch the video and imagine the coach is talking to you.

Ignore them. Be strong and follow your heart. The only person you have to prove something to, is yourself!

Everyone—and that means you—was born with a purpose, a dream, and a gift. It is unique to you! It is your passion and it is your purpose. When you act on this passionate purpose it gives you power, and that is your light, so let it shine!

If you ignore inspiration then you deny yourself a chance to embrace your uniqueness. Leaping the first hurdle is a critical step in the journey of life and until you do it, all the subsequent hurdles are impossible. That first obstacle— ignoring the naysayers—teaches you confidence, courage and faith. These are three of the most essential qualities—invisible forces—you need to achieve your dreams and live a life filled with purpose and meaning. In closing, you cannot skip or ignore these hurdles.

There are no short cuts in the laws of life; you must pass these tests on your own. Stop whining, get over it, and go do it! 

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