What is spiritual information?

You have a gift, unlimited potential, so don’t stop dreaming. Tap the force of spiritual intelligence and watch magic happen, and whatever you do, avoid the dark side.

Yesterday I had a conversation with an 18-year-old shuttle car driver who wanted to know more about the Force and his unlimited potential to do amazing things. I began by explaining how we are surrounded by every email, book, image, song, flying around us—over 500 billion objects—and we can tap into that information using our mobile phones. I told him, “That’s pretty wild, but what is even more fascinating is that your brain is a billion times more powerful then your phone.” That blew his mind.

I explained how “The universe is nothing but energy. Everything is energy. Think of it like the midichlorians in Star Wars; without this force, life would not exist.” This force is in everything and everyone, and it is very real. “Did you watch Star Wars?” I asked. “Hell yeah,” he said.  I explained how all these things flying around is what I mean by spiritual intelligence or spiritual information—it’s invisible—you cannot see it, touch it, or buy it, but you can feel it and use it.

Spiritual Information—SI—includes qualities like confidence and courage, virtues such as gratitude and compassion, and it also includes ideas or concepts that show up in dreams and visions.

All you have to do to harness the force of SI is learn some of the techniques, things like how to clear your mind, focus, set your intention, use the laws of life, and meditate. When you do this you attract what you need like a magnet. SI is a connection we share and it is part of our universal bond.

Just think what you could do if you harnessed this force for good: could you find the ideal job or soul mate, or maybe travel the world as you manage your business virtually? Whatever you do, be sure to use this as a force for good; you don’t want to end up consumed by the dark side.

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