“You are such a blessing in my life.  Thank you, JD” – Mary Poteet

“JD has been there and back again – a man of vast life experience who has gained perspective from life’s ups and downs, blessings and adversities, he is clearly a service-oriented person here to make a positive difference.” ~ Dan Millman, Author of 13 books that change peoples lives, including Way of the Peaceful Warrior

“JD Messinger is a remarkable, amazing person.” ~ Stephen Covey

  “JD Messinger is a rare combination of corporate visionary, spiritual teacher, and inspirational coach. If you combined one third of Tom Peters, Deepak Chopra, and Tony Robins you are staring at JD.” ~ Jim Robinson, former President of ABC Radio Networks

“You saved my life. Literally! I am eternally grateful.” ~ Anonymous

“I can’t thank you enough for all you are doing to help us achieve a purposeful life. Every time I hear you I am impressed with the depth and breath of your knowledge and understanding of who we are and what we need I am proud to know you.” ~ Joanne Baron

“Your exemplary and inspiring testament is great and well needed.” ~ Judge Louis J. Freeh, Former Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

“When JD was talking it was incredible. He was talking directly to my heart! He was the most entertaining speaker and woke everyone up!” ~ Flavia Shroeder, CEO and Founder FS Language Services

“It’s really amazing how your weekly messages and tips arrive just as I need them! I just love it!” ~ Jeff Street

“JD Messinger is an exceptional speaker and teacher.  Compelled by his passion that was forged in the furnace of personal experience, JD leads us on a journey of faith and doubt, through the tunnel into the “light.”  My undergraduate students, themselves studying various theories on the nature of religion, found him mesmerizing.  He’s a true messenger-an evangelist-of reason and faith, of the unity of science and religion. In the words of Malcolm Muggeridge, JD desires to lead us out of the “theater of the absurd” into the “theater of fearful symmetry.”  One may find herself skeptical, one may find himself resistant, one may stand back in utter disbelief…but it is still no less tempting to hop on his bus!  Scholars of religion and theology, East and West, will find much to engage in JD’s work.” ~Todd Penner, Ph.D.; Gould H. and Marie Cloud Professor of Religious Studies; Austin College

“You are the most gifted and talented speaker I have ever heard.”~ Admiral, USN

“JD Messinger is one of those rare persons inspired to help change the world by reminding us all of the laws of essence and of life that Sir John Templeton encourages as so important in our times. JD, you do a spectacular job, pouring your heart and mind into a program with immense potential to really change how we live. We are all better off thanks to your vision.”~ Dr. Stephen Post, President of the Institute for Research on Unlimited Love, Professor of Bioethics, Philosophy and Religion, Case Western Reserve University

“I want to shower you with appreciation!” ~ Elaine Torres

“I have found it a great privilege to work with JD Messinger in order to help clarify some of the many misconceptions that plague our society today. Everyone, whether fundamentalist believer, atheist, or agnostic, is searching for the answers to what I have called The Four Great Questions; Who Am I, Where Did I Come From, What Should I Do, and Where Am I Going? JD Messinger’s work is helping in a very powerful way to bring enlightenment and understanding to countless numbers of people who are searching for answers to those Big Questions of life. I know the effectiveness of his work and I am proud to be associated with it.”~ Miceal Ledwith, L.Ph., L.D., D.D., LL.D. Professor of Systematic Theology, Maynooth College, Ireland, subsequently President of the University. A member of the International Theological Commission for 17 years.

“For all of eternity mankind has searched for the answers to what JD refers to as the ‘Big Questions’ – who am I, where did I come from, why am I here and where are we going? I have waited for thirty five years for a source of knowledge that helps answer these Big Questions and I want to thank JD Messinger for helping share the knowledge.”~ Uri Geller, world famous mentalist and mystifier

“JD I’m proud of what you’re doing in this world…and glad to be dancing beside you!” ~Tama Kieves, best-selling author of THIS TIME I DANCE! Creating the Work You Love

“Your speech was the best speech we’ve had in two years thanks to your passion and energy! Everyone loved your stories. Although you were talking to almost two hundred people, you grabbed the attention of everyone and it felt like you were talking to each of us!”~ Jim Pyle CEO, Centivity

“Your material is fantastic! I particularly enjoy the broad range of topics and information. I commend you for the fantastic and thought provoking material! When do you sleep?”~ Mike Kirshe, EVP, Global Marketing Services