My Fifteen-Year Quest

Genesis for the Quest (9 Minutes)

Imagine reaching the epitome of success, from the depths of the ocean as a submariner to the heights of corporate jets as CEO, your life filled with everything you thought you wanted most. Yet, at the height of your life, you shatter your neck and with it, the glass barrier that conveniently sheltered you from the meaning and purpose of life.

Act I shares JD’s story beginning as a fireman, nuclear submarine officer to Ernst & Young CEO, when he broke his neck, and left his body.

Act I

God Answers 3 Silent Prayers (7 minutes)

Act II shares JD’s suffering during his recovery as he had to learn how to walk and talk again, and began to question why he worked so hard, and wasn’t happy. It ends with him screaming at God in three silent prayers, and his 3-year-old son coming in, and answering his prayers.

Act II

Our Invisible Gifts and Powers (11 minutes)

Act III begins with JD discussing the miraculous healing of his neck and his quest to understand the convergence of science and faith. From a scientific point of view, he shares how matter is not solid, and everything is pure energy. Seeing is not believing, rather believing is seeing, as the doctors do not believe what they see.

JD concludes by sharing just how powerful we are and how great we can be.

Everyone has invisible gifts and there is no limit to what we can do if we remove the blinders (Faulty, Limited, and Outdated Programs, FLOPS) that block the flow of information. Separation is illusion, the labels are the source of suffering, our light is our gift, which is our power and purpose.


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