How do we fall in love?

Okay, it’s just an EXTRA gum commercial about Sarah and Juan falling in love, but nearly 20 million people love it and so do I! Romance, compassion…so much packed in 117 seconds. It makes you smile, and go aaaaah. Keep an eye on Juan and him doodling on the gum wrapper, or watch it a second time after you see the ending. In just two short minutes it takes us through a long romance and the bonding force is gum, but isn’t that how it always happens? A chance meeting, a small gesture, riding the separations, and highs and lows, it’s a universal story and of course, the creators of this commercial knew what they were doing, and they did it masterfully.

And that’s the point. Spoiler alert–watch the video before you read on.

What I like most is the essence of the story, Juan capturing these simple moments on a tiny piece of gum wrapper and where he goes from there. Sarah didn’t have a chance. And the proposal, guys…take notes on how to do it. Classy, very classy.

What was Juan doing? He showed compassion. He was there for her, present, paying attention. Watch it again. Then of course Sarah does the same thing when Juan is down. They are both there for each other, and that’s really important, because as anyone who has been in a long relationship knows, it isn’t always roses. It takes the whole enchilada to make love work. Besides the qualities and traits already mentioned, there is something that starts to look like a ladder.

The steps on this ladder include: tolerance, patience, understanding, compassion, generosity, humility, gratitude, to mention a few. Then to climb all these rungs it takes persistence, determination, faith, confidence, and always…always courage.

I don’t chew gum, so I am sorry to say EXTRA that you didn’t get a customer, but you got an admirer, so you’re halfway there. Propose to me on your knees and I will definitely buy a pack (and start using it with my wife)!







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