There are several categories of individuals who call on JD, usually for a combination of personal and professional reasons.

One group of individuals knows their passion and purpose and is looking for assistance in unleashing the full power and potential of their idea. Many of these people are social entrepreneurs, promoting sustainability or conscious capitalism through breakthrough technologies in renewable energy and integrative health. Others are promoting purpose and meaning through educational businesses or nonprofits. In most cases, they are individuals with a business ranging from a start-up to $5 million in revenues and have a vision of how they can grow to $10 or $100 million. In these cases, JD uses his business acumen from over 30 years as an Ernst & Young partner and serial innovator on a retainer basis, ranging from six months to several years.

Other potential clients include individuals who have experienced some form of life crisis—the end of a relationship, financial misfortune, loss of a job, or a traumatic illness—each of which is searching for answers to the big questions. They want to know why this happened, what they can learn, and where they should go next. JD works with these individuals in private one-on-one sessions to help them understand the hero’s journey, the three-act play in the game of life. JD covers topics such as the nature of the universe, the absence of coincidences, and universal laws. After that, it is impossible to define a step-by-step approach, as each case is unique. Though suffice it to say that JD employs dozens of tools, methods, and techniques to help expand awareness, ignite passion, and leave a legacy. Private mentoring typically lasts three months to one year.

The last category is seeking to turn their passion into a livelihood and understand their purpose and gifts. JD refers to them as seekers. They are mostly spiritual, not always religious, seeking to expand their awareness on the nature of life, living, and reality. They want to shatter illusions and limited thinking, understand the nature of signs and wonders, or learn how to use the binding force to create wonders. For these individuals, JD has a series of public group programs, virtual programs, workshops, seminars, and retreats.

Professional Services

Professional Services are designed to provide confidential and independent strategic advice and insights to expand awareness and promote innovative solutions for C-Suite, board members, or entrepreneurs, whether for profit or not-for-profit. Typical discussions cover global trends and macro conditions, fund raising, strategic partners, intellectual property, joint ventures, mergers, investors, new product development, marketing strategies, human resource initiatives, and executive mentoring.

Quarterly Retainer: Beginning at $7,500 and includes 10 calls and daily email or text communication for immediate access to discuss current or timely events. Paid upfront and nonrefundable.

On Site Meetings or Group Calls: For on-site events, group calls, or team meetings, clients pay a daily fee for services as well as cover all travel and out of pocket expenses, negotiated based on specific needs and requirements.

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Personal Services

Personal mentoring services are provided in four formats:

  • Private one-on-one programs
  • Public group coaching programs
  • Public group virtual programs (calls, teleseminars)
  • Workshops, seminars, and retreats

For private mentoring programs please contact JD using the contact form.

Public programs vary based on current initiatives, event calendar, and program guide.

For more information, please contact JD using the contact form.

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