What makes us great?

We achieve greatness when we inspire others to fight for a noble cause, such as freedom or other human rights, coupled with a special combination of beliefs, values, virtues, and traits, including: will power, determination, and conviction. The incredibly inspirational video above not only demonstrates this, but transfers that energy and power to us, which is called motivation.  That is what great leaders do, they inspire us to motivate ourselves through words that resonate with our spirit and ignite a passion.

We call these individuals leaders, but what is a leader, and what makes a great leader? A leader is a person who has followers and we follow two kinds of people—those with institutional power and those with personal power. Great good leaders marry the two.

Most, but not all, of the people in the video are demonstrating personal power. Institutional power comes from a title and a position, whereas personal power comes from a far greater source—character. A great orator may be a great influencer, but do they have character? Do they say what they mean, mean what they say, and do what they say (integrity)? Do they have honor? Can you trust them? Are they motivated by greed or by the greater good?

Not all great leaders are necessarily good leaders. Great leaders with both institutional and personal power can change the world, but if they are motivated by their ego it causes great destruction. These are great bad leaders. Great bad leaders motivate people using fear, but great good leaders motivate people using heart and soul. As in the video, they inspire us to become a part of something bigger than ourself.

If you want to achieve greatness, then your objective is to be a great good leader, marrying institutional and personal power for a noble cause that serves others. Create personal power by mastering the timeless values and virtues of trust, integrity, honor, and authenticity. Then combine this personal power with institutional power and seek to serve to others. This is how you leave a great legacy. 

In the end, it takes courage. Lot’s of courage.

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